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Road rage

…you know, the people in this town of mine will drive me to drink. I compose a lot of letters to the press; I imagine confronting idiots on the road, rehearsing what I would say to them, so this morniong I am sharing a conversation with you, I had in my brain on the drive to work.

Dear idiot in the white Peugeot with GP plates

I am so pleased that you managed to sneak up in the yellow emergency lane this morning. It delighted my heart to realise that your time was so much more valuable than mine and all the other people patiently waiting their turn in the (relatively short, maybe 6 car) queue. It was awesome to see how you almost drove into one of the people in the queue as well, as you madly accelerated to sneak in front of him. Your driving skills are so awesome (not)!

One day you will be in an accident, and I hope that someone also obstructs the EMERGENCY lane, so that the ambulances can’t get to you either as you lie there, bleeding.

Selfish, arrogant arse

Signed by an adoring fan of your awesome behaviour and skills

Here endeth my rant.

Let summer begin!


  drhf wrote @

You do realise they commit people who have these thoughts!! People in cars are odd. I was flashed today because I was using my brain!!

  MJ wrote @

Dont drive up D. Ave… you may have to rant again!

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