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5 weeks and 6 days

…until Christmas!!!! Oh my word. For all my planning etc, I am hopelessly behind with christmas gifts! Oh dear! One is 3/4 complete, some others are planned, but I’m going to need to wikkel if I am going to be done in time! And the run of festivities has begun, as I mentioned, last Saturday we went to a cocktail function to kick thing off, next weekend is the book club weekend away and the monday after that is the office party, crikey! At least the staff gifts are sorted out, and will be ready and wrapped with ease. The gifts to the parents (and in-laws) are planned. Thandi has some little stocking fillers stashed away, and we are negotiating her main gift. My family ain’t so easy, and since they will all be here for Christmas, what a thing, oh well, better get my thinking cap on! I do love this time of the year, but I am feeling ever so slightly stressed about it! And let’s not even talk about the actual eve and day!

What are you all planning this year?


  Renee wrote @

Hadn’t broken it down to weeks but my goodness it is close. My daughter is organising the day, and I have started with gifts so i’m not stressing as yet!

  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

I thought I’d crochet you a toilet seat cover, maybe in turquoise.

  charliesbird wrote @

ooh, that’ll be nice, it’ll especially tone well with my cream and beige bathroom. Can’t wait to see it. Thanks TAFKAD, you’re the best!

  em’s mommy wrote @

Its a christmas in cape town for us 🙂 cannot wait!!!

  charliesbird wrote @

Lucky fishes!

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