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What I did on my ‘holiday’

…Ok, so the week off was good, my soul could have done another 10 days, bt beggars can’t be choosers, so there you have it.

So last of last friday we flew to Cape Town, as the 1 Time debacle unfolded. I’d heard they had folded, but was surprised to hear that they called for the 1Time flight to JHB to board, the next announcement was that they were just fixing something on the plane, boarding wold happen shortly, and then after seeing droves of them coming back through the check in area, the next message was to pick up their luggage at arrivals, and that the SAA flights to JHB that night were full! What a drama, I feel quite sorry for the passengers affected, and I feel sorry for 1Time, who play on an unleveled playing field… But hey.

Anyway, 2 and a half hour delay awaited us, and then we were off, Thandi girl slept like an angel in my arms, and woke up with all the announcements as we were descending into Cape Town. We picked up our hire car, and it was off to DrHF’s for a sushi take away and a glass of cold delicious white wine – refreshing and restorative, before we tumbled into bed. Next morning I was up early to get to my training workshop – it was a 2 day workshop on laparoscopic suturing – very intense, but rewarding. After a full day spent learning and catching p with old faces, I headed out to Jacqui’s house with TAFKAD, where my girl was playing up a storm with her new friend, Olivia; Charlie was relaxing with Jacqui and Pat, it was so good to see everyone! I miss my CT friends! A good evening of laughter and wine and delicious fresh tuna was ours and we then quietly retired for a good rest. Sunday was more or less a repeat affair, with me heading off to the workshop while the family played, lucky them; anyway, another hard, but rewarding day passed, and I returned to Simonstown for another relaxed evening, discussing our (Jacqui, TAFKAD and my) 40th birthday plans. While it might be 3 years off, we have big plans of a fortnight away abroad.

Monday dawned, and it was time for a girl to shop – Constantia Village, Cavendish Square, ah, what bliss, but sadly I am out of practice and training, and Thandigirl needed a nap, so after a concerted effort, it ended quickly. Clothes for her, some clothes for me, some christmas presents for her and some family and we were done. We headed back to TAFKAD’s hose, and after a play session at a local park, the girl slept, as did her dad, and Don and I had a good catch up. Did I mention I miss my CT friends?

We headed back to our part of the world, and then did a few day trips in the area, which was good, some walking on beaches and seeing old friends was good, but in a flash, the week was over and all I had to show for it was a 4 hour hair cut(!) and Thandi’s first trim, a melancholic soul, and the first party of the ‘season’ under my belt.

Yesterday was a marathon day and I am not convinced this week will get any better, and I am on call this weekend, oh well… Anyway, I leave you with some images from our time off.

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  MJ wrote @

sounds good… nice pics. x

  Renee wrote @

Seems you had a good time but as always not a long enought break. Your girl has really grown so quickly.

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