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Forward planning

…so, as tomorrow night draws near, I am preparing for this dinner, and I have a few things to share. The decor has kept me busy, but I really enjoyed doing it –

This is the placemat, with bunting across the top, and a jack-o-lantern in the corner. There is a whole lot more bunting which will be draped across the table too. I also have a host of plastic spiders and ants which will adorn the table, with wilting roses.

Then let’s talk food. The amuse bouche is going to be my take on a chilli popper, a mild-moderate chilli, stuffed with cream cheese, and drizzled with caramalized sugar. The starters is my (gaining fame) pumpkin and gooseberry broth, Mains, let me show you…

the blood aka beetroot risotto, served with fillet, caramalised onions and chevin

 and then there is dessert, chocolate tart, served with some ghosts!

I really hope all will turn out well, Today is the great ingredient hunt. If woolies doesn’t deliver everything I need, I will be dashing around searching for the missing ingredients – see why we need a deli in this neck of the woods! Anyway, I am quite excited now, but want it done! I am glad of my help (isn’t she cute?)- and DrHF who will arrive tomorrow afternoon. Let the games begin!


  AD wrote @

It looks good! I’m sure it’s going to be a great evening!
Take pictures of your table, sounds very creative.

  Jacqui wrote @

Wow, looks incredible!!

  camsam1994 wrote @

Love the ghosts Boo! Main looks incredible too. Hope the weather plays its part!

  Renee wrote @

It looks very good – see your scrapping skills have come out of the closet as well – love your place mats.

  dreaming feet wrote @

Love the ghosties! Sure it’ll go well.

  countesskaz wrote @

sounds divine. those ghosts are too sweet!

  Leigh wrote @

Yum! Looks awesome and delish xxx

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