Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Made it

…through to Monday. Halleluhah! For a moment there, between the 6 babies this weekend, Charlie’s errant employee who absconded from a job and my in-laws visiting; I wasn’t quite sure I would make it through in one piece. But I did, and I am on quite a high this morning for it. Or maybe that’s because I had a glass of wine last night after my final delivery for the evening. Hmm..

This week holds quite some stress and worry. It’s going to be busy, as I prepare for my week off. The week off isn’t going to be only recreation, I’ll be doing my course, and really need to do some catching up with some academic work. Gotta earn my points! But before I get to the week when my phone turns off, I have to get through this monstrous work load, cook this fundraiser dinner on wednesday and be some kind of a mom and wife. Oh well. Planning for the dinner is coming along nicely. Tonight some of the preparation begins. I’m going to start on one of the dessert components. Let’s hope I get it all right! Tomorrow I will share my menu and where I am in the execution.

Anyway, have great mondays (ja, right)! Mine is going to be hectic!

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