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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Cooking mojo

…is back! Yay! What a fun weekend I had!

Friday night I got home to Charlie having planned a date night for us, without me even knowing – supercool of him! After a great workout with Gusto, I showered, got myself dollied p and off we went, started with a drink at nearby cocktail lounge, then headed off to one of the beachside restuarants, and had ourselves a lovley little evening! We both had kudu fillet to eat (delicious!) and shared some Altydgedacht Barbera, which was also delicious!

Saturday dawned cold and still raining – I cannot quite believe how much rain our neck of the woods has had! Anyway, I got stuck into the kitchen early, preparing Youvetsi, which is a greek lamb and pasta dish – pure comfort food! You slow roast the lamb for about 6 hours! and then shred it into a delicious tomatoey, garlicky broth with Rosmarino Pasta (rice shaped pasta) and stir in some crumbly delicious feta. Definitely recommended! Then on Sunday I did some experimenting for my dinner in 10 days time, perfecting my risotto. Another delicious comfort meal… Yaya, the cooking mojo is definitely back, and I feel great after a creative weekend!

Yesterday the sun came out too, so we spent some time in the garden, what a pleasure to feel the sun on your face, gentle breeze cooling things down, and a happy healthy playful toddler running around discovering the mud! I’ll post some pictures later. She had a blast! In the afternoon we ewven managed a walk on the beach, which was fantastic! Everybody seemed to be there, revelling in the respite from the stormy weather.

So all in all, a good weekend, it is well with my soul.

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  Renee wrote @

After a hectic couple of weeks and days – a well deserved weekend break.

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