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Friday Rant

…ok, ok, so I rant fairly frequently, but here we go, with a formal rant.

Charlie and I have made the decision not to have pets. We do not want the responsibility of taking care of a pet, cleaning up after them and providing a safe environment for them. (we sound awful, don’t we) The responsibility of a pet feels almost more than a child, I can’t genrally take a pet on holiday with me, getting someone to ‘pet sit’ is as easy as baby sit. Children slot into your days and routines, pet’s reqire much extra effort. Also, in a house with a small child, pets can carry germs and parasites. So, yes, Charlie and I made the decision of no pets.

Now we live in a complex, where we share a drive way and a front garden with our neighbours. Our neighbours have pets. Pets which they don’;t keep in their private properties. Most mornings as I step out the house I am greeted by the rather malodourous whiff of fresh poop on my front lawn. It is driving us mad! we are left scooping their poop – yuk! And, also, since we don’t have said pets, the neighbourhood cats have decided that our garden is the safe, dog free place to hang out, which infuriates us, when they shed hair on my garden furniture, leave poops for Thandi to discover in the pot plants and flower beds. Argh! So I am left with the cleaning responsibilty of the neighbourhood pets, with NO benefit to us. It makes me dislike animals even more!

Okay, rant done. Have cool weekends peeps, as I work, and plot ways to rid my garden of the pet infestation (anyone got a lion to loan me for a day or so?)


  countesskaz wrote @

Dear Cruella de Ville, (HA HA)

sprinkle pepper, cats hate pepper and as for the dog…MOER it, if it comes back on your lawn, bloody cheeky article. I WOULD NOT clean up other people’s doggie doo! put it in a clear jiffy bag and drop it on the front doorstep. It belongs to your neighbours after all…?

don’t worry about germs, my kids have grown up with animals and it does them the world of good. We de-worm EVERYBODY in March and September. They catch FAR more germs from other kids at school then they do from animals.

have a good weekend.

  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

I have the same problem with a pair of Satan’s minions (aka siamese cats)… I got a spray of I think citronella stuff and have been spraying it in the areas they hang out. Seems to help a bit.

  charliesbird wrote @

will give it a bash!

  MJ wrote @

Yip – poop in a packet hung on a door knob gives one a certain amount of pleasure and satisfaction – I have done it a few times – however – not a see through packet – You want maximum impact after all!

  charliesbird wrote @

The only probelm with your and Countess’s advice is the scariness of the neighbours…

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