Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…how one poorly timed phone call ruins a perfectly fabulous mood. And it was the phone call calling me back to work at about 18h30 last night, knowing that I had to go in straight away, but wasn’t going to be able to do my caesar (which the patient needed) until about 20h00. So, some hungry, boring hours were spent waiting (and I was straving – well, not really, but you know how it goes…), only to discover another labouring patient when I had finished up in theatre. At least she was still early, so it was home to a miserable husband with the squirts, a spoilt supper and a long wait. Anyway, just as I dozed off, my patient was ready to push, but a quick lovely delivery later I was home. (It was a lovely big boy, called Devon – congrats Granny Renee!) Only to doze off again, to be woken to the pitter-patter of little miss Thandi’s feet as she decided it was playtime at 01h50! Anyway, I was in the spare room, sparing Charlie my phone calls, and me his germs, so I popped her into bed with me, and eventually she dozed off, with me scratching her back. Only to be woken again at 05h00 to offers of a dummy (um, no thanks) kicks in the ribs, tummy, head and rumbunctious sqirms. So at 05h30, I called it quits, and got up to start my day…

So here I am, tender muscles, tired brain, but with a happy heart – what a privilege it was to welcome so many new souls into the world yesterday – 4 in total, all boys (!) and each with their own miraculous story to tell – awesome!


  charlie wrote @

Good job on the boys Love , i feared we were being a bit outnumbered . Been an all girl show of late ? thanks for the rest & respite , back in the trenches now and raring to go …….

  Renee wrote @

Thanks from granny Renee – he is a beautiful big BOY. So proud of my daughter in law

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