Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


Woohoo! A sleep through was our reward last night! Light adjusted, teething muti given, and she slept! As an aside, 2 more canines are through, 1 more to go! Then we await molars.

And then in an unbelievable people follow up, I had a call this morning, went something like this:
Person on the phone(not a known patient) – is this the doctor?
CB – yes
POTP – do you do scrapes?
CB – well, it depends on the reason.
POTP – well, I’m pregnant, don’t want to be, going overseas next week, so I want a scrape.
CB – well, you’re actually asking for a termination of pregnancy, and no, I don’t do those, contact the local clinic for that
POTP- oh, ok, can I ask about my friend…rambling story begins, again, about an unknown patient…
CB – can is stop you right there… Let you friend make an appointment, rather.
POTP – oh, alright (rather indignantly)
Seriously! At 06h45 this morning!


  Renee wrote @

Where do they get your number????
At that time on top of it. SAD for you.

  Tafkad wrote @

Hey babe, you have the patience of a saint…. Tafkad from beside a hotel pool in turkey (can’t remember my wordpress password!)

  charliesbird wrote @

Say it again, sister! (like the new name!) Hope Turkey is good, better than the bird!

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