Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

And even more

…wailing… Fuck me, but this is getting a bit rough. Last night I had to withdraw, it broke my heart, but if I had hung around through the nighttime routine, I might have shot someone; well ok, if not shot, strangled someone, and it might have been myself. (at least you can giggle trying to imagine the scene, then laughed even harder at the newspaper headlines, about the possible auto*ero*tic asphyxiation, knowing it was just a desperate mom) She went down much easier last night, but the trouble all began at about 00h30… Charlie fortunately saw that I was not able to string a sentence together last night, the drool coming out of the corner of my mouth might have been a give away, so he stepped up and he fought the battle of the wills last night. We have realised one thing which has changed in the last few days, correlating with this deterioration in sleep, a light has been put in in the garden, to light the path to Nox’s room, and although its been there for some time, it went off for an age, got adjusted and put on again on friday, kinda when things went to hell in a handbag. And while it doesn’t shine directly into Thandi’s room, it increases the ambient light, so much so, that Charlie thought it was like 05h30ish, when in fact it was 02h30! So, we will adjust the light today, dose her with some panado tonight (in case it is the evil teeth) and pray for a better night. Parenting, like aging (which I am now doing more rapidly), is not for sissies.


  MJ wrote @

Go Super-Dad!

  Leigh wrote @

Hoping tonight is a dream! xxx

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