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Kudos where due

…you know, there has been quite a bit of moaning on the blog of late, so today I am going to offer kudos to the Department of Home Affairs, since I am blown away by their efficiency.

On Saturday the 1st of September, Charlie, Thandi and I traipsed into Home affairs on a very blustery and cold day to organise our passports. (We have consistently found early Saturday mornings to be the best time to go – no queues) The lady behind the counter was fantastic. She sorted out our forms quickly, gave me the correct advise about a new passport for me (A new one had been issued in my married name, and I have now officially gone back to my maiden name – for all the doctory reasons – so I did indeed need a new one), she spotted a poorly done fingerprint, and had me redo it before processing began. She was pleasant, polite and efficient. When I asked about delivery time, she said it would take 2-8 weeks, and I could expect an sms from the department. Well, blow me over with a feather, if on Thursday the 6th of September I didn’t get an sms saying Thandi’s was ready for collection, and another on Monday the 10th, saying mine was ready. Charlie stopped in today and got them, no mess, no fuss. What a pleasure! In this day, when we do an awful lot of moaning, it is so nice to be pleasantly surprised like this, so to the Department of Home Affairs, Thank you for your efficiency, it has been a pleasure doing business!


  Renee wrote @

Well that is fantastic as my daughter in law took nearly 2 years to get her marriage cert registered after quite a few trips.

  Charlie wrote @

Big ups to home affairs

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