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Dessert ideas?

… going to a dinner at friends tonight, and I offered to make dessert, but my brain has failed me. I’m thinking of either a pear and walnut ginger bread pudding, with a fudge sauce; or a chocolate and pear dessert – a la Nigella; or a floating blueberry meringue dessert – assuming I’d find some reasonably priced blueberries. It’s cold and rainy here – rather delicious weather actually, so a warm delicious ridiculous something is definitely calling me, but which one. Any ideas or suggestions?


  MJ wrote @

The pear and walnut ginger bread pudding with fudge sauce… you wont be able to find any blueberries reasonably priced or not because you are not allowed to go to Woolies!!!! But – sometimes our Spar has them – will let you know @ around oneish! x

  countesskaz wrote @

stop it with this Woolies bashing MJ. Did you immigrate for the last 20 years? It’s been happening for I can’t stop shopping there, I need my smoked salmon intake and my chuckles. I can’t help myself.

In answer to the above question. I’m absolute pants with puddings. But I love boring pavlova with cream, icecream and fresh berries. That’s my best! tastes of spring…

  MJ wrote @

Reply to Countesskaz: I suppose that is what seperates a countess from the bottom dwellers… I hear you – that it has been going on for years but a little diplomacy softens the blow! I have been negatively compromised by affirmative action on a number of occassions – and am over it …. so my ebucks converted to woolies vouchers are going to have to burn a hole in my purse for the next two or so weeks.

  countesskaz wrote @

keep them for the massive marketing specials Woolies are going to launch to lure the Suburbian Dwellers back in. you are going to score BIG time!!!!!!

  charliesbird wrote @

If I didn’t shop at woolies, I’d never eat, let me be honest, so despite their policies, I guess I’ll still shop there. At least there shouldn’t be a queue! Saying that, at least they won’t create false expectation in their interviewee’s – as you say MJ, you’ve been on the wrong side of some AA deals – at least there will only be candidates who stand a chance interviewing.

@ Countess, I love Pavlova too, but its foul here, and I need something warm with custard!

  charliesbird wrote @

Ok, it was the pear and walnut gingerbread tart, with fudge sauce, and it was delicious! Yummy-yummy, as Thandi girl would say!

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