Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Bye bye winter!

…and spring is certainly in the air – after an impressive thunderstorm last night, today is emerging as a fine last day of winter – the sun is peeping out from silvered clouds, which will burn off for a gorgeous day I am sure. Let’s hope tomorrow will be as gorgeous.

I am sorry I have been a bit absent. Work has been busy, as always; 7 babies in 2 days is fair enough. Subsequent to my cold, Charlie has come down with man ‘flu, and Thandi has even had the snots. So the house has been loads of fun of late! Shame the poor little girl even had to get shots yetserday… Boo… She wailed up a storm, but after a nap was right as rain again – thankfully.

This weekend I am hoping to just relax and get rid of the remaining snot. We’re having dinner with friends on saturday, so I’ll hopefully also get to cook up a storm! Let the weekend begin!

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  charlie wrote @

i don’t think you highlited the seriousness of the MANFLU , i mean , you are lucky i survived its deadly grasp …….. 😉
looking fwd to Saturdays dinner !
love my Birdie

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