Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Friday is here!

…woohoo! Although, saying that, I have had a much better week than last week! My stress has been lower, work has been more managable and I think I have been more pleasant to live with!

I spent yesterday afternoon catching up with 2 dear friends, who I just have not connected with for ages – coffee with Em’s mom, hearing all her news and tea with WS, and having cuddles with her new little lady, while mine tried to bash her head with a lego block! Anyway, it was really good for my soul to reconnect and catch up. I really wish I had more time to do things like that. yesterday was unusual, I had no theatre cases booked, and an underbooked diary, so I got out of the rooms early, get to spend some time with Thandi girl, then my friends – magic! the evening saw me collapse in a heap in front of the telly, despite having a few chores to do, oh well, today is another day!

This weekend sees part 2 of Charlie’s birthday celebrations, we are taking 4 of his best and oldest mates away for a night, heading off to a private game reserve nearby, and getting treated to a day of game drives, good food and wine and a (hopefully) restful night. I have been at work on a goodie bag for the guests, from scarves to biscuits; jam to candles; I hope they enjoy them!

Anyway, before my nurse growls at me, let me be off to do some work! Think of me as I make a black forest cake for Charlie this evening!

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