Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

What Charlie’s Bird did next

… her 20 year high school reunion, Charlie’s 40th birthday and some new photos!

Ok, so the high school reunion – I can’t quite believe it has been 20 years! Its only the second time I have been back to my school since I left, and while lots has changed, so much has remained the same. I wa filled with such a nostalgic pride, and am so pleased that Thandi will follow in my footsteps, attending my old school. Last Thursday, we had the Old Girls’ Guild Dinner, which was a noisy affair, with about 200 returning old girls, spanning the generations. I had been very involved in organisational stuff, and was quite relieved to sit down, drink some wine and catch up. Friday morning, we all headed off to Founders Day assembly, it is incredible in 20 years it has changed little, the format of the day was the same, the hymns were all the same, with one change, and that was the Lord’s Prayer was sung in Xhosa, it was beautiful! After tea in the old school hall, I wandered the corridors of my memory; looking in at the science lab, my old classroom, remembering where my desk was, quite something! Sadly, not one of my old teachers was there, and I doubted those that were there who hadn’t taught me directly would have remembered me. On friday night, we headed off to the cafe at the museum for a cocktail function. It was another trip down memory lane, many of s remembered stopping there, to meet the boys from our brother school (I attended a girl’s only school) and to buy Wilson’s toffees! What a fun evening it was, there was lots of wine flowing, great food, lots of laughter, lots of lucky draw prizes and lots of reminiscing! it really was a good reunion, and I felt exceptionally proud being a green and white bag girl!

And Charlie turned 40 yesterday! Our celebration began on friday afternoon. We had a photo shoot done by our friend MJ (photo’s will follow) and then we headed off for a massage – yay – apparently I even emitted some loud breaths while I was being massaged… We then fetched Thandi and took ourselves off to a beachfront restaurant for a late lunch. With a delicious glass of Sauvignon Blanc, I had a Pizza L’Italiana (a margarita base with parma ham, parmesan cheese and rocket) which was divine! From there we melted our way home, and relaxed until I had to head off to my reunion function. When I got home from that, I found a sleepy head Charlie, who quickly woke up, when I offered him his birthday present, since it was after midnight! He seemed thrilled with his gift – a beautiful leather travel bag, with the itinerary of a trip to the Serengeti and Ngoro-Ngoro, which we will take in May next year, to see the great migration. (let’s hope the Mayans get it wrong, hey!) A few hours of sleep, and we were up for his birthday brunch, which was taking place in one of the local parks. Our friend, the Chef Lady did the catering for us. we started with delicious stewed fruit with greek yoghurt, then onto fried eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato bredie, roosterbrood, jams, coffee with condensed milk and rusks – yummy!!!! Of corse, the champagne and orange juice flowed too! Charlie had such a special morning, we were blessed with great weather, good company and made many new memories! Thanks to all who celebrated with us. In the evening, we took some pizza out to his parents, and celebrated with them to close a very special day.

And now those photo’s…

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Charlie, my love, we did good!


  Jacqui wrote @

Ah, what a lovely little girl! So lovely to catch up with you this last week and see your little girl!

  Renee wrote @

I agree, what a beautiful child you have.
So glad you had a great reunion with all the Clarrie Bags.

  MJ wrote @

It was a lovely breakfast birthday celebration… thank you. xxx

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