Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…to a dream, to that moment I believed in, as I fell asleep at night. Calvin & Hobbes found a better playground in the stars, where they will forever shine. My last hope… Sorry Charlielove and Thandigirl, I gave it my best shot.
Thank you all, my loyal blog peeps, your support has meant so much to me,g forgive some radio silence for a while.


  Charlie wrote @

Thankyou for trying with me my Love ! We played the odds and won first prize but second prize eluded us . So long C&H , play well … We missing you even though we didn’t get to meet you , oh and watch out for Susy …..

  d & w wrote @

Sorry C&H decided to leave their cosy nest. Lots of love to you, Charles & Thandi.

  Leigh wrote @

Only tears….

  Pen wrote @

Oh Charlie , Charliesbird and baby girl !!! Am so so sorry. Have strength and know that you gave it your all. xxxx all our love

  countesskaz wrote @

thinking of you as you work through this.

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