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Day 13.4

…and the scan looks a little better today, phew, there is the one bigger follicle, with 2 which have had a growth spurt and 2 smaller ones too. Not sre what our next few steps are yet, but there we have it.  By this time in our Thandi cycle (IVF2), our eggs had been harvested!

anyway, between babies and follicles, I am completely distracted, I will keep updating depending on our progress!


…don’t panic, I am still here… Hopefully growing an egg or 2… I am still having impressive headaches and a bit of bloating (even had to ndo the button on my pants last night!), but I am afraid I do not have any faith in my ovaries, so I cannot say if things are going along as they should.

The plan has been, to continue meds, which I have, and I will scan again tomorrow morning, and from there, I think we will make that final decision whether we continue or not. This really is the last chance, like I said, so if there is to be another Tenacious, then it will be. If not, well then, life goes on and we celebrate the miracle in Thandi.

I am crazy at work – by the end of today, I will have done 10 deliveries in 2 days! The town is growing – rapidly! Anyway, must dash, bt wanted to check in with you all. Have great Thursdays.


Day 10.4

..ok, universe, god, whoever, I get it… can we just stop this foolishness now…

Bad scan, only 1 follicle has continued growing, but my doctor wants me to continue anyway… not quite sure what the point is… other than just breaking my heart a little more…

Day 9.4

…ugh, does it have to be monday already? Couldn’t I just stay at home… Oh well, a week to get through, then I am hopefully incubating embryos. I can bake and relax and play with Thandi girl lots then!

So after getting home yesterday, Thandi went down for a mamoth afternoon nap, so both Charlie and I got a snooze in as well, what a pleasure. You know, it is the simple things, lying on the couch, wrapped up in a cosy blanket, heater on, beanbag in hand, quiet… ahh… it was bliss. After that awesome nap, I woke up to cook Thandi some meals for the week, get supper on the go for us – mushroom soup and roosterbrood; and I made some lime marmalade – yum! We have such a short lime season, and they are delicious! The marmalade seems to have set properly and will be tested during the week – yum (I hope!).

This week ahead is full of work, and I hope lots of down time otherwise for me, a couple of scans (of my ovaries) and a few more shots – grow follies, grow!

Day 8.4

…and the scan looked ok. There are 4 follicles, slightly smaller than anticipated, but acceptably grown, so it looks like we are good to go, go, go with this cycle.

We spent a great evening with our friends the Dips last night – divine sushi, a gorgeous new home with an amazing view, and a strengthening of the friendship growing between us. The weather in this part of the world was just atrocious, howling wind, driving, heavy rain, freezing temperatures…I was very glad we were safe and dry,watching the weather happen! We are safely back home, ready for another trip next week, oy!

Day 6.4

…and thank the heavens it is friday! I am over this week! And now for today to fly by, we’re casual suppering with friends tonight (I’m planning a lemon, pea and asparagus risotto), and then tomorrow we head to the neighbours for that sunday morning scan.

Poor Thandi girl has grown 2 new teeth this week, and was very crotchety last night, so I suspect there are more on their way. But, as always, she is a gem, and has discovered some baby games on the iPad, which she loves. It’s incredible how fast they develop, she already knows what button to press to wake the iPad up, and within 10 days has learnt how to ‘play’ some of the games. I know she isn’t a child genius, but she’s mine, and I am amazed by her!

Day 5.4

…nothing new to add, I still feel fairly bleak – head is really sore… the things we do for children!

I have so many balls that I am juggling at the moment – school reunion, Cahrlie’s birthday parties and his birthday suprise, IVF4, and work. I am a useless wife and next to useless mom. My poor little family… I am missing them terribly, hopefully I can make it up to them the week that I am taking off at the end of the month. Sorry, my precious people, I love you both so dearly…

Enough feeling sorry for myself, lets get on with this day, I have already had a baby, and my nurse is growling at me, with 2 patients already waiting for me… and it’s only 08h15!