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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Day 24.4

…and on symptom watch today – nil to report.

So I mentioned yesterday that I got an award!





I have never received a blogging award before, so it was a bit of an  ‘Aw shucks, me? Thanks!’ moment. As I said too, yesterday, it came via Pop over and see what this cool chick has to say about her life in rural SA!

So the award came with some rules, (most of which I will probably ignore), so here goes – 7 random things about myself.

1. My father was the mayor of both my birthcity and my current city, once upon a time.

2. I was born on the eve of Transkei’s independence from South Africa in the Transkei, and have now lived through South Africa’s democracy.

3. I like to sleep on my right side.

4. I wish I had more shoes.

5. I hate that my nearest and dearest family and friends are scattered across the countryside.

6. While I watch medical dramas on TV, they irritate me beyond recognition – grr! Anyone watch ‘A Gifted Man’ last night? Doing external chest compressions once the chest is cracked is next to useless!

7. Cheese is possibly my best food!

Now for the part of the rules I am going to ignore, despite me blogging for ages, most of my regular followers do not blog, and I am not an active commentator on the blogs I do read regularly, so I feel a bit sheepish nominating people for this award. So, sorry Countess, but I am not passing this on – probably terrible blog etiquette, but there you go, and another random fact – I break the rules sometime!


  MJ wrote @

No 6 – and like the time when the baby’s arm was neatly sliced off during an episode of greys or pp during a routine c-section.

How on earth do I subscribe to this blog so that it comes to my email so that I can read it while waiting for kids to finish school instead of sneaking a peak inbetween jobs during my very short and busy workday?

  the aunty formerly known as donz wrote @

congrats on the award!! I wish I had more shoes too… bought a nice pair from aldo this week though, so shouldn’t complain…. comfy wedges with a ballerina tie.

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