Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Day 19.4

…and here I lie, in the cool, quiet clinic (with the chirping of the alarm in the roof, which sounds vaguely like a bird trapped in the ceiling) with my embabies snuggling into my endometrium. They are home, 2 little 6 celled embryos, a grade 1 and 2, Calvin and Hobbes, let’s hope they think this is a cool playground, find the transmogrifier, and become our squirming babies, adventuring in the land of Ute.

We dream, we love, we care, we believe…


  countesskaz wrote @

🙂 🙂 we dream, we love, we care, we believe……..come little monkeys grow for your mama…..

  Leigh wrote @

Awesome news! Here’s to those special dreams coming true….you and your family deserve it. xxx

  Renee wrote @

All I have to say is hope all your dreams come true, you deserve them…

  Charlie wrote @

Snuggle in Calvin & Hobbes . Stick around we’ll make you famous !

  d & w wrote @

Sending loads of love as they snuggle !

  Pen wrote @

come on little ones it’s very nice here so settle in and grow grow grow XXX and mother bird …..take it easy !!!

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