Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Day 6.4

…and thank the heavens it is friday! I am over this week! And now for today to fly by, we’re casual suppering with friends tonight (I’m planning a lemon, pea and asparagus risotto), and then tomorrow we head to the neighbours for that sunday morning scan.

Poor Thandi girl has grown 2 new teeth this week, and was very crotchety last night, so I suspect there are more on their way. But, as always, she is a gem, and has discovered some baby games on the iPad, which she loves. It’s incredible how fast they develop, she already knows what button to press to wake the iPad up, and within 10 days has learnt how to ‘play’ some of the games. I know she isn’t a child genius, but she’s mine, and I am amazed by her!


  countesskaz wrote @

2 teeth, well done Thandi! she sounds like such a sweet child.

  charlie wrote @

whaddayamean ??? of course my girl is a child genius ! she can already read….Dad like an open book

  Renee wrote @

Your little girl must be so cute….
Best of Luck for the scan – holding thumbs

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