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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Oh, what a night!

…early July, here in 2012… So we had a glorious night out, with JBT and her other guests, and really got treated to fantastic feast. JBT is a raw food revolutionist, and so we got to taste many of her treats. We started our evening with crudites and dips, which were raw in origin, a delicious gaucomole and an extremely interesting ‘mock mayo’, which had a nut base – truly delicious. Then it was onto a starter of mushrooms stuffed with pesto, and courgette ‘enchilladas’, again, all raw, with the mushrooms going through her dehydrator, extremely tasty. The dehydrator does not heat about (correct me if I am wrong) 45degrees celsius. Our mains were slightly more conventional, roasted lamb (totally morish!), with roasted veggies and a fresh salad. And then the pudding was incredible. A chocolate platter, again, all raw in origin – a chocolate mousse, made from avo (!), raw cocao and honey, a chocolate and macadamia disc, a brownie – with an oat base, and a mock cream – made from macadamia nuts, orange juice and honey. I knew some of the ingredients, but I think so many were blown away by the combinations, and what one can achieve, with an amazing blender and a dehydrator! Delicious! thanks JBT – you’re a star!

Then it was home, to an all round awful night from our girl, I think she woke every hour, and squealed… I’m not sure why – cold (the nanny had turned her aircon off), teeth, stubborness? Probably because I said how well she sleeps last night, dring conversation! But whatever it was, I sincerely hope this won’t be how it continues – let us go back to quiet nights and peaceful sleeps. So needless to say, Charlie and I are shattered, but I have the taste memory of last night to carry me through! And coffee!

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