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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Catching up

…and what a lovely weekend it was! On friday afternoon, after a lovely massage, we headed out to the beach house, with intentions of very little for the weekend. On arrival though, we discovered a few problems, the biggest one was that I had forgotten to load up the newly laundered linen, and Charlie had forgotten his jocks – oops! So after a night spent under odd blankets, we headed back to town to collect the forgottens. We also popped in at the local Home Expo, and then headed back to the beach. Thandi had a whale of a time on the beach, chasing birds, playing with some boys she found there, eating sand and trying to ride her bike. She slept like an angel while we were there – only waking well after 06h00 both mornings – yay! Sunday was Fathers’ Day, and we took Charlie and my dad out for a tasty breakfast at a local ‘sporting’ restaurant. The boys seemed appropriately spoilt and happy after their day!

Charlie and I( really had a great chance to reconnect over the weekend, as the weeks rush by in a chaos of work, it is easy to lose sight of one another, so to spend 2 days together in  relative isolation, without a TV or phone calls to interrupt, it was great. I was reminded again, what a lucky girl I am to have such an amazing husband – Charlie, I love you madly, thanks for a magic time!

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