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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

What else is up

…in the world of Charlie’s Bird? Well, quite a lot actually. The weekend was quite busy socially. I got up early on friday morning, made some pizza dough, because on friday night, pizzas were planned for a crew from a magnificent research vessel in our little port. They were a motley crew of Aussies, Saffers and one japanese guy, who tucked in with relish! The pizza that got the most votes was the chevin, pear and rocket pizza bianco – yum!

I had a patient who laboured most of friday night and saturday morning, and so early saturday morning we did a caesar on her and another girl who came in during the night. The rooms were very busy on saturday morning, and I was really tired after a long night of work. Then  I headed off to a scrapbooking fundraiser. It was really nice to sit down and do some scrapping again – I haven’t in ages, anyway, I made a cute page for Thandi girl, now just to print some pictures to stick onto it. And it was for a good cause – the Compassionate Friends – an organisation which offers support to parents who have lost children – in utero, as babies, as bigger people.

Then after some more work, it was off to a dinner party at Chef Lady’s home. Her and her husband are part of a dinner club, and we were the guests. The evening started with a mystery wine tasting – identify the varietal, and match the concealed bottle to the wine. Charlie and I realised that although we like wine, we are useless at the identification. out of a possible 15 points, we both scored a measly 1! Oops! Then it was onto the food, each couple did one course and it was matched with the appropriate wines. We started with the most incredible soup, (won the day for me) it was a butternut and gooseberry soup, unlike any I have ever eaten before, there was no toxic yellow-orange smush in the bowl, it was a delicate coconut milk based soup, with batons of butternut and whole gooseberries, tickled with onion chilli and garlic – a taste delight, served with home-made breads. This was served with a fresh Sauvignon Blanc. The main was a hearty mutton pie, served with a pea, asparagus and lemon risotto – truly gorgeous comfort food on a stormy winters night, this was served with a grown up Cabernet Sauvignon. Dessert was a take on a fruit and cheese platter, with a poached pear done 2 ways – in white wine, and red wine, served with a marscapone infused with jerepigo and a Lindt chocolate brownie filled with cream cheese – to call it yummy doesn’t do it justice. The evening was filled with laughter, fun and smiles. We had a marvellous time! And fortunately the phone behaved during this time!

And sunday was, well, sad sunday… the less said about that the better. What have you all been up to?

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  countesskaz wrote @

oh, my hat, the culinary genius is back. YAY!!!! have missed that side of you.

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