Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Day 24

…and instead of moroseness – some Thandi news!

The cutest little girl ever is just growing so fast! Yesterday Charlie and I hit the mall for some safety equipment for the house, and we inadvertantly bought her a modern day black bike… She thought it was fantastic, although she is a little small for it still, and she started to get the idea of moving her legs forwards to propell herself. Too cute! The vocab is developing at a rapid pace – this morning I heard ducky and quack-quack for the first time. And she remains a delight, an easy girl – although somewhat willful and stubborn, a social little thing who just fills my heart with joy! Oh yes, she is starting to look a bit like a weeskind and I’m probably going to have to give her a haircut soon – what did you guys do for haircuts – do it yourself or hit the hairdresser?

No further news on the Lone Ranger – wondering if my boobs feel different, deciding they don’t; wondering if I am more tired, realising probably not…

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  MJ wrote @

No haircuts, just pretty clips and some hair bands… those plastic ones from pick ‘n pay are a winner – they are small and are mostly disposable…. get her used to hair ‘pretty’s’ now!

This waiting is just too much!

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