Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…brews. I am sitting in the office on a beautiful saturday when the rest of world is at play, and I am NOT even on call.

Last night we had dinner out with my folks, Thandi was a bit of a monster – it’s far too much fun being awake when there is stuff going on, than sleeping, so we had the battle of the wills, with her evetually falling asleep once we had all already eaten! Oyvey. This was followed by a little tirade from my mother regarding how she feels, and how we don’t ever take her feelings into consideration, and are just mean; followed by a slip to the ground. This while trying to move the car into an easier position, getting Thandi into her car seat (with her waking and wailing the whole way home) and getting her into the car… I nearly gouged the skin off my palms on the way home I was so very frustrated. So how do I do this, I’ve tried so hard to help, encourage, cheerlead, but clearly Mom doesn’t want that. Do I just let it go, knowing she is underperforming? Or do I keep being the daughter who just shouts at her (her words)?

Lone ranger sightings… nil yet.




  countesskaz wrote @

sorry you’re frustrated.

I’m the shouting daughter too. it never works. perhaps give your mom space and just be someone that listens for this week. It’s so exhausting thinking for other people hey? so just back off and let her set the pace.

it might be slower but it’s fine. it’ll all be fine.

you have SO much on your plate. just focus on yourself for a bit. Just you and the little growing embryo and Charlie and Thandi. This is YOUR time now.

Everything will work out. You’ll see. This is YOUR TIME now. (i said it twice to reiterate a point)

  Pen wrote @

Have to agree with the countess !!! Tell your mom you lov here and you are here when she needs you ….and then quietly retreat. You often take out your frustrations on the person you love the most !!! But there are times that you are up to being the punch bag and sometimes not !!!!
You need to focus on now getting the lone ranger to settle in so you need to privide a calm welcoming place !!!!!!!! Breathe in lots of good energy and keep that vision of that little embryo making it’s little nest !! ……and Thandi is just being a normal 1 year old !!!

  Pen wrote @

sorry …typing in a rush …tell your mom you love her not “lov here’ !!!

  Renee wrote @

Just tell her we shout because we love them – I have exactly the same!!!

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