Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

And she is ONE!

We have come a long way, People! I can hardly believe that in a year we have gone from this …

to this…

We had a great day with her, we visited the Lion Park, after an all clear from her paediatrician, lots of excitement at seeing the bnnies, chickens, roosters, and of course the lions – RAWR!

Then after a nap, there was a tea party in honor of this precious little person – there was a cake.

all for madam!

Yummy, mommy! And cupcakes, with decor from TAFKAD.

And macarons.

I have been overwhelmed all day, filled with love and so much joy, which she has brought to my life. I can hardly believe this is my life. She is awesome and fabulous and amazing and exasperating and real. She is mine. And growing fast!

And on the eve of a cycle-defining scan, I am slightly anxious, but at complete peace. Thandi Robyn, you have given me more than I ever dreamt I would have, thank you for being my girl. Momom loves you, now and forever…




  daydream dragging feet… wrote @

Happy Birthday to Thandi! (I love the boots..! ;))

  countesskaz wrote @

I got all tearful when I read this post. Reflection is so valuable to appreciate all that we have.
Happy Birthday precious pet. A WHOLE YEAR!!!!!! wow!

  CR wrote @

Sounds like you all had a wonderful day!!! Love the cake – very impressive. xx

  d & w wrote @

thought of you yesterday Thandi – had it marked in my diary. what a precious gift you are !!

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