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Monday, monday… (or Day 7, if you prefer)

… Oh heavens above, not quite sure how I will get through this day. When you have 4 patients waiting to be seen by 08h15, and consultations only actually begin at 08h30, you know its going to be a busy one. When you got up for a delivery at 02h00, after 3 phone calls after you tried to go to sleep, you know it’s going to be a rough one. When your cold is showing no signs of hurrying up and leaving, you know its going to be a long one. These are the days of my life, people!

In the egg growing department, there seems to be some action, with some tweaks and groans and whinges from the ol’ ovaries. I’m just really hoping that it isn’t the cyst refilling with fluid… We’ll just have to see what tomorrow’s scan holds.

I also got some cooking mojo this weekend, after an inspiration from my garden. If life gives you granadilla’s……make granadilla curd, truely divine!!! Served with frsh scones – an absolute treat!

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  charlie wrote @

YUM !! love the curd and LOVE my Bird !

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