Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


The shapes might have not been perfect, the filling needed some tweaking, but here are my rose scented macaroons – they are so pretty and were very tasty. I learnt a LOT from this first attempt, and am keen to try again, and hopefully have even greater success. And yes, the 24 hour wait was worth it! If I get the next few batches going ok, I will definitely start playing around with flavours and colours. Yum!


  madamecroquette wrote @

Wow, they look great, I’ve tried make macaroons before and I can attest that they are technically challenging, good job!

  countesskaz wrote @

I too made macaroons recently and they were a monumental flop of note! I am VERY impressed with your end result. bloody hell!

  MJ wrote @

countesskaz – why are you not writing on your own blog? They look divine – these macaroons – I have never tasted one before.

  countesskaz wrote @

MJ, been to busy dashing around Europe. Go and have a read now. Just updated. Bought you and L some choc too.

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