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What a clever girl

…I am! I am very pleased with myself, ran a 15km run this weekend, slowly, and not without pain, but I did it! Yay! Its the longest run I have done since my last half marathon 5 years ago, so I am well chuffed! It means that I am nicely on track for the Knysna Half I am training for. (apologies to the grammer freaks out there, I know that is poor sentence construction – forgive me) I ran well until about 6 kms when the route began climbing, and I battled through to 9 km, the knees started to get sore from 11 km, and from 12/13 on, they were really sore, so I slowed down dramatically. Cardiovascularly I was ok though, so that felt good. Now I just need to get some more km’s on the legs!

In other news, this weekend I made macarons, had a a bit of a hiccup with the filling, so only got them filled last night, and they aren’t quite perfect, but they look good. Tonight we’ll taste them, they have to rest for 24 hours! Hopefully they will be worth the wait!

Anyway, must work!


  Jacqui wrote @

Wow, go birdie!!! Amazing. Wish I could taste those macaroons 🙂

  daydream dragging feet… wrote @

Well done on the run! =)

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