Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Weekend musings

….and to all of us who are at work, while the rest of them play – we will have our day too!

The week was busy, with Charles’ brother arriving on Friday for an unexpected visit. It has been lovely introducing him and his family to Thandi girl, and she relishes the time with her cousins. She really is a social little thing and doesn’t like to sleep when there are people around, so she plays and plays and plays, and then collapses in a heap. on Friday evening we took supper to the family and relaxed with them, enjoying slow roasted lamb with Gorgonzola and pea mash, followed with chocolate brownies. On Saturday we took my mom out to tea, only her second excursion since coming home from the frail care, and I think it did her the world of good. We followed that up with a lunch date with Charlie’s family and then it was off to a special birthday party, for 3 little boys, who are growing up so fast! Happy Birthday to L, B and J – you guys are such fun! Saturday night we crashed at the beach house, and when I say crashed, I mean we were all in bed by about 20h30! Bliss… A slow run with RT and MJ started Sunday for me,matter a bit of home maintenance it was back to town for us and a break with all the family, which seemed to go down well.

Thandi is such a pleasure at the moment, she is growing too too fast, with an expanding vocabulary, we know about toes and shoes and quacking ducks too; noses and eyes and ears; so sweet! Walking is just improving in leaps and bounds and we would like to run. Sleeping gets better and better, yay for darker cooler mornings, she is sleeping until 6 ish now!

Dawny is improving, slowly, but surely. She is still quite despondent, but is definitely stronger and better. Charlie even says there is a bit more meat on her bones when he carries her! Good on ya, mom!

And now I must work, for 41 patients await me! Enjoy the break, those still off work! See you all later!

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