Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Thandi the Marvellous

…in trying to divert from the misery that is currently persisting in my world, I thought I would share a Thandi update today. Man, that little girl has captured her mama’s heart. Especially when she squirms out of her daddy’s arms wanting to jump into mine, saying, ‘Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!’ when I get home at the end of a long day.

Words are coming at a rapid pace now – Daddy, Mommy, teddy, puppy, ta, bye-bye, nyummy-nyummy… And when we ask what noise lions and tigers make, we get a roar back, a woohoo, with a waving arm for an elephant and a mmmmmm for a cow noise. It is so incredible to watch the development. She also know how to shake her head and say uh-uh when she don’t want something, and asks mom and dad to ‘come!’ when she wants us.

Physically the walking is getting better all the time, she still reckons crawling is faster, but will walk when prompted, if she feels like it. There have been a couple of falls and bumps, btu she is resilient, strong and determined! Sleeping has been ok, every now and again, she decides she has slept enough and it is playtime, even though it is 02h00! But fortunately, on the whole, she sleeps well and is a gem!

I have been surrounded by sadness and tragedy lately – not just in my personal life, but at work, with friends… and Thandi reminds how blessed I am with this very miracle of her; Charlie, by being an incredible and supportive husband (sexy too!); my friends by being loyal and caring. I am blessed.


  charlie wrote @

🙂 love my birdies

  em’s mommy wrote @

beautiful girl!!!!

  Pen wrote @

Hey CharliesBird….was doing a bit of work avoidance behaviour and saw all that I have missed in the past few weeks !!! Was away and out of contact since beginning of hols. Phew , so pleased your mom doing better …what a stress. Yip, we’re getting to that age.
Hang in there ….it’s nearly weekend. Hope you not on call XXXXX Pen

  charliesbird wrote @

indeed I am… oh well…

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