Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

hold the phone…

…I’m feeling a bit like a stuff moany record here… Thandi is a bit better, after some muti last night, she had a good sleep, and looked much better this morning. Charlie and I are both a bit scratchy in our throats – roll on the viral choice and locobiotol. Dawny, well, she’s looking and feeling ok, was due to move from hospital to frail care today, but her INR has gone up (INR monitors the treatment used to keep her blood thin; too high, and she could bleed, too low and she could get a clot in her heart, so it has to be goldilocks (just right)), so she is spending another night in hospital. Both my partners have headed off today and tonight, and I am left covering our busy practice for a day and a half. I think I hve had enough now. Can we stop the bus please, I’d like to get off? Thank you.

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  Renee wrote @

Feel sorry for you but you are looking after three of my family members and they NEED you as well. Hope all comes right for you soon.xxxx

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