Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Partly cloudy with occasional showers

…is my weekend in summary.

The weather signalled summer’s end, with rain, glorious cold rain on saturday and overcast patches yesterday. I realised I missed last winter with Thandi, and my cupboard is looking a little boring… And my babe needed some new winter woolies (obviously, because she has NO clothes, you know), so I managed to do a bit of shopping for her.

My Mom is doing ok, she had a very rough thursday and friday, confused, delirious and combative, and that left Dad and I reeling, wondering if she was going to emerge, and if this wold be our lasting memory of her, a frail, but strong old lady telling us to jst leave her alone… Fortunately on saturday Dawny emerged, and we were able to breath, she smiled when we came, was able to chat about the family, interact normally and I could rub her hands and feet with some cream, with no drama. Yesterday wasn’t quite as good, she was tired after a sleeping tablet, and got  a bit foggy again, and quite tearful. Damn, it is so hard watching her age and suffer…


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