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My human rights

…were violated by a small little person last night, who decided that her right to play and interact surpassed my right to sleep, so here I sit at the hairdresser, barely able to keep my eyes open… Shame, she really isn’t a crying or screaming kinda babe, but last night, as we just got home from a dinner, she decided that it was playtime, and we couldn’t do much to get her back to sleep. Eventually, after tag teaming the night, I eventually called it quits at 05h15, switched on the lights, gave her a bottle and entertained her for a few more hours, until she had a nap at about 07h00, heaven help me get through this appointment!

So last night we had a great dinner with an old school friend and a few others, what a hoot it was, lots of reminiscing, a great meal (delicious fillet braaied and served with a creamy mushroom sauce -so tender and tasty, complemented by some delicious salads, finishing off with an old favorite, peppermint crisp tart – too nice!), and, according to my headache, plenty of magnificent wine (a Kanu red, I think it was a Shiraz, or maybe a blend, really lovely!) Thanks C&A for a really good evening, we relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Today, after that early start, I headed to work, saw some patients on the wards, did a couple of fertility scans and saw a woman who I’d operated on on Monday, she actually ‘belongs’ to one of my associates, but he was away and she had a complication that needed attending to, and today, after telling me how gentle and kind I had been, asked if I would now continue to look after her! That kinda compliment makes my chest swell with pride and makes all the slog worthwhile. Anyway, after that I hit the gym, and did a good long run on the treadmill (it was really quiet, so there was no one to tell me off for overstaying the 20 minute limit) and I started to feel slightly less anxious about the 10 km race I am doing on Saturday with RT and MJ. I know I will be a lot slower than there their usual pace, but I reckon I’ll be able to finish it and still be alive! I might need painkillers, but I’ll survive.

Anyway, peeps, I’ll stop rambling, have a great day off today (and don’t forget to celebrate your human rights – the right to demand more sleep is the one I want to work on!)

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