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Here we go again…

I always feel a bit like the condemned man on a monday morning, when I have the comning weekend on call, walking into the hospital, knowing that for the next 12 days I am it, horrible feeling. Anyway… not much I can do about it, but get on with it.

I had a mixed weekend this past one. I wasn’t on call, but one of my patients was labouring on friday, and my promise to my patients is that if they are in labour on a fridy that I am not on call, I will stay on duty until they are delivered. I was shattered after a very long week and all I really needed to do was collapse at home, switch off and give that little girl of mine some momma lovin’, but no, I had to stay alert and available. At about 19h00, I examined the patient, realised we weren’t making sufficient progress despite augmentintation and an epidural and explained why a caesar was necessary, the patient and her husband however asked for more time, (bearing in mind that they had been labouring since 04h00), fortunately for them, there was a delay in theatre; she was checked again an hour later, and I was told she had made some progress, so we let her continue, and 2 hours later, when she had stalled again, they finally agreed to the caesar, so at 23h45, I finally did the caesar I had called at 19h00… Turns out the patient had called someone else for an opinion at 19h00, clearly not trusting my judgement or believing my assessment… wow, talk about a slap in the face… so in essence, friday was a right off for me, an evening I didn’t get to spend with my Thandi and Charlie, all for a patient who no longer trusts me…

Saturday we ran a few chores, did a bit of shopping and chilled with Thandi girl. Charlie dispatched me for a snooze, I was getting a bit crotchety… and saturday evening we had dinner with L and her husband – a chilled relaxed, talk lots of nonsense kinda evening – divine, just what I needed! And yesterday, after a mediocre night of sleep, I managed a slow 5km run and then we celebrated Charlie’s uncle’s birthday and proceeded to chillax for the rest of the day. Nice!

And now the week stretches ahead of me…


  the aunty formerly known as donz wrote @

translate ‘a bit crotchety’ into ‘crazy knife wielding lunatic’?? i would not have been zen with such ridiculous patient behavior!!

  charliesbird wrote @

Thanks, you make me sound quite human! Hehe!

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