Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…the brain, and my expectations. So, as I alluded to yesterday, my cycle is off. We are stumped, my doctor and I, once again, I have not responded as I should have, and the hormone levels are higher than they should be. We are out of answers or explanations. My gut feel is this ol’ bod of mine is trying to say something, (what exactly, I’m not sure) but whatever it is, this is not the time for our next cycle. My doctor agrees, something is off, so we will now wait for a withdrawl bleed, check the hormones, and see where I find myself. He’s got all sorts of fanciful ideas about changing the recipe, which I guess I have to consider, but, this recipe worked with Thandi, so I kinda want to stick with it. Oh well, if I can’t get the oven to the right temperature, I guess I do have to consider my options. It’s hard though, to let go of a plan, which I’d figured out in brain, planning around weekends on call and time off… It’s hard too, to see a dream start to slip through my fingers…

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  d&w wrote @

please don’t ever stop the dream…

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