Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Friday searches

… it’s time for another search engine terms round up. People really do discover my blog with the wierdest searches…

charlie bird what he doing now? Well, I am a she, so I am doing fine, sitting at work, like I do, most days, I’m not sure what he is doing though.

foodie training Now, that I might be able to help with, start to try different foods and tastes, experiment in the kitchen and enjoy food!

culinary mojo you either have it or not…

cricket match birthday cake You need to get hold of the Aunty formerly known as Donz about that. I warn you though, she’s not cheap!

basmati rice thandi’s recipe Sorry, Thandi doesn’t cook yet, and she’s only just started tasting things like rice, try again in about 4 years and we might have something for you.

lets talk with anty thandi again, she isn’t an anty (whatever that might be?) and she doesn’t talk yet, well, in English or sentences that is…

www.dr.thandi fetility Wow, my girl developes fast, not that fast, she isn’t a doctor/OBGYN/fertility (yes, that’s how you spell it) specialist yet. Sorry, try again in 30 years, maybe?

how much is 86.1kg a fair amount.

what is 17% of 85.7kg 14.569kg, you need a calculator, not google for that.

bird that chirps pretty girl well, I do say that to Thandi a fair number of times a day, along with ‘beautiful girl’, ‘naughty sausage’, mommom’s girl’ etc, and I am a bird, so I guess that means I chirp?

Gotta love it! Have fab fridays all!


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