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What I did last night…

So there you go, that’s what I was busy with on Tuesday night, making black forest hidden center cupcakes. I hope they were delicious, since I didnt have any! I did taste the icing to make sure it was chocolatey enough, it was! And so starts the Valentine’s Dinner preparations. It’s going to be hosted a little later this february owing to trivial things like work and egg retrievals. Bring onthe romance I say!

Last night was book club, and what a pleasant one it was, we didn’t meet in december, and I must say, I missed the girls, it was great to catch up and hear everyone’s news. Lyska put on a fabulous Italian supper, some mshroom bruschetta to start, and a delicious carbonara for mains, flip, I’m going to have to hit that treadmill/elliptical with avengence to make up for that, and the 2 glasses of wine!

So thursday is here, why, oh why isn’t it friday yet?


  Renee wrote @

Well that really looks delicious and sure it tasted that way as well. As long as you enjoyed yourself – so what for a few grams!!!

  ANGEL wrote @

Well, those cupcakes were out of this world Birdie, had mine for brekfast this morning, could easily have forced down a few more (and probably regretted the indulgence later!). Thanks for all your hard work esp since you didn’t even taste one!! xxxxx

  the aunty formerly known as donz wrote @

those look amazing!! your self control in not eating any is truly inspirational 🙂 and I see that your’e seeing results, well done my friend, fatness files 2.1 is a file of victory!

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