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Gotta love your patients

…or is that patience? I’ve been reading a blog by a doctor who posts the ridiculous things his patients say to him and his staff, so I thought I’d share this tale with you

Nurse B: Dr Birdie’s rooms, how can I help?

Patient: I need to ask some questions about my cycle.

Nurse B: Go ahead, no problem.

Patient: I am supposed to go for blood tests and have a scan, but  can’t remember what day its supposed to be in my cycle.

Nurse B: Well, Dr Birdie usually explains that very well, what day are you at the moment in your cycle?

Patient: Well, I’m not sure, I spotted and then stopped, then spotted again.

Nurse B: OK… what did Dr Birdie say the last time she saw you then?

Patient: Oh, no, I’m not seeing Dr Birdie anymore, I’m seeing Dr Not-Even-A-Part-Of-This-Practice now.

Nurse B: Well, why don’t you contact him then?

Patient: No, I don’t want to bother him.

Hmph… The tragedy is this patient has now called numerous times, seriously trying my poor nurse’s patience. B, you’re a star!

In other news, check out my fatness files, vers 2.1!!!!! Yay!!!!!

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  Jacqui wrote @

Oh my word, what a crazy (non) patient. Well done on the amazing diet efforts. Birdie the legend for president 🙂

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