Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Swimming lessons

…so iPhones really don’t swim well, as Charlie discovered on friday afternoon. After a long day at the office I went home to find a hot bodied little girl, smelling sweetly of boudier biscuits, who I knew would be a happy little thing after a cooling swim, so into the pool we all jumped, and there we were having a lovley swim when Charlie jumped out faster than he dived in, as he realised that he had left his phone in his pocket, and it had enjoyed the 10 mintes in the pool with us – NOT!So there we were, wet phone, and eventually 2 very grumpy people and a bewildered daughter. Anyway, after a very grumpy evening, Charlie is using my second phone and I am telling my spoilt brat brain to relax and be gracious.

Saturday afternoon Thandi went to our neighbours daughter’s birthday party, she’s all of 2, and boy, oh, boy, did Thandi girl have a blast, there were other children to watch, pools to splash in, juice to drink, fruit to taste, party, party, party till she dropeed and was fast asleep at 18h30, the earliest she’s slept for ages. Poor thing. And yesterday she went shopping for groceries with mom and dad, had breakfast out (yummy biscuit got smeared everywhere) had a swim and a play outside, a big nap after lunch (mom and dad even napped too) and a trip to the beach (yukky sand!) and visits from her grandparents meant another exhausted girl last night.

Work wise, the weekend was fine, I did one delivery last night, and for the rest, all was under control. Aside from some reading and relaxing, I didn’t do much else this weekend, and am hoping for a good week, book club wednesday and nothing planned for the rest of the week. Have good mondays peeps!

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