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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Damn the consequences

…is kinda how I feel today, bring on a chocolate brownie or a cupcake or something, because crikey moses, even though I have been rather obsessive about my diet and exercise I have gained weight this week. Now I know it’s because of the injection and the raging hormones (welcome to the world of hot flushes and night sweats!), but it’s very demoralising when this happens. I mean I go to bed slightly hungry every night, and am very controlled about what I eat… Oh well, at least I am hopefully improving my cardiovascular health now.

And then just to top the weekend off, I am on call… so not much fun for Birdie this weekend, oh well, this too shall pass.

Last night Charlie and I had a mini date night, out for sushi. It was nice, not as nice as last week, but it was good to just sit quietly, watching the world go by, watching our perfect sleeping angel. It was quite weird, they had a whole lot of sushi, california rolls and the like, which they had tempura battered and fried – weird, I think it must have been the old stuff that they made at lunch time – not great looking! Anyway, the date time was more important than the food, I am such a lucky girl to have such a good man standing next to me through all this. Charlie is my hero!


  charlie wrote @

does this mean i can wear my undies on the outside and get a cape ? uuuuh , no hang on thats a superhero ……
Love you to Babe ! Heres to many more date nights and more Sushi , just not the battered kind

  ems mommy wrote @

Well done and don’t loose hope keep going u doing well!


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