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let the scale speak

….hmmm, this diet and exercise lark is hard! My goodness! It’s been 3 weeks now of almost perfect behaviour, a smidgen of wine has really been my only cheat, and while I am happy with the loss I have seen, I’d have loved it to be more.

Dietwise, I have bran flakes, fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, sometimes dring my morning I’ll have some fruit, lunch has been strictly salad, with occasional tuna added (no dressings/mayo). Dring the afternoon, there has been no time and no apetite for anything, and for supper its been protein and a salad of some sort or occasional veggies. Once we had sushi.

Exercise has been enthusiastic. Training with Gusto 3 times a week, and these sessions involve a 20 minute run, some core, some light weights (very light, and not every session) and then another 10 minutes of extra cardio, be it a run, a cycle or the elliptical machine. Over and above that I try to get 1-2 extra sessions a week in myself, either on the road or the treadmill. So I certainly am putting in the effort.

So since I had my suppressor injection, things have slowed rather rapidly, I know it’ll be water retention and all that, but I am also experiencing a very painful left knee, which I can only really attribute to the side effects of the meds, man, last night it kept me awake and I am needing anti inflammatories to get through the day, its blimmin’ sore! And I have to have some drugs before I hit the gym, and I know that isn’t ideal. I’m hoping when I re-introduce the hormones I will feel a little better, but, who knows?

Saying all this, it boils down to my frustration at the scale’s report, yes, if you look at my fatness file I am 4 kgs down in 3 weeks, which is great, but given the sacrifices, I would love it to be more… Patience, Birdy, slow and steady wins the day…


  Renee wrote @

Remember excercise also builds
muscle so I think you have done
well – keep it up!!

  drhf wrote @

Bump up the protein! Add the tuna everyday or chicken breast. I never believed it but it does work. You feel much less hungry come the end of the day! I start craving my protein now!!

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