Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Frantic Friday

I am so relieved that it is finally friday. It’s been a really long week, I even on wednesday night, after swopping the TV channel expecting to see Body of Evidence, asked Charlie (rather grumpily, I have to confess) if it was Thursday, why wasn’t my show on, to be rather sheepish when he told me it was wednesday only, so you see, it’s been one of those weeks.There are no plans aside from a cup of tea with some girlfriends this afternoon, and maybe watching the crazy iron people on Sunday, so I intend to put my feet up, rest my extremely sore joints, and prepare for the next week on call. It appears that I am having some slightly different side effects from the suppressor injection this time (probably because I am exercising), but my joints, especially my knees are agonizing, and my muscles are far sorer than usual, which are all documented side effects. Yay, lucky me!

And today is going to be a spectacularly great day, becase today Jacqui and Pat’s little girl is being born, Olivia, we welcome you to this crazy village, and Thandi can’t wait to meet you, to tell you all about it. I know you are going to bring your mom and dad endless joy! Yayayay!

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