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Traffic Ranting

…so I often compose posts (and letters to the newspaper) about the traffic and how much it annoys me, in my head, while I drive to work, but then by the time I am here, I’m over it, and never post them. Today however, I am not over it, so I write in annoyance!

There was an issue with the timing of a 2 traffic lights this morning. They are near 2 schools, and control access onto the freeway, so they are pretty important ones. They also are horribly busy and backed up at the best of times. Today was special though. The timing was out, which meant that the usual flow of traffic was just disrupted, and we all know that queues of traffic bring out the best in people. We will enter intersections, when there is nowhere to go, and nothing is achieved, other than backing it up for others who are trying to play by the rules. I have gotten quite aggressive now when it is MY turn, and will drive around people to get into my lane (which, because it’s a turning lane, is often empty) I know this sounds kinda odd, it’s difficult to explain, but if you know me, you’ll figure out exactly where this is. Needless to say, I often wonder if people would drive like such idiots if they knew who was in the cars around them, not that I think I deserve special attention personally,  but I am a doctor, often on the way to an emergency, and when I get held up, it means that my patient might suffer. One day I was on my way home, when the traffic on the highway ground to a halt, clearly there was an accident up ahead, can you believe that some idiots even pulled into the emergency lane and tried to ‘beat the traffic’ that way, obstructing the access of emergency vehicles. I was so angry, I nearly climbed out my car and went to stop them physically. Imagine if that was your family member in the crashed vehicle, and as the minutes ticked away in the valuable golden hour, the ambulances couldn’t get there to help them. Mankind has become so inconsiderate and selfish, shame on us!

Almost as dangerous is the guy who drives in the fast lane, at 10-20km less than the speed limit, who won’t move over, behaving like the ‘police’. If I am speeding, you can be assured it’s because I am on my way to an emergency, and I don’t need yo to keep me in check. If I get a fine, I will pay it, I don’t argue with the law!

So next time you see a silver sports car speeding down a road, squeezing into the gap, hooting at you who has broken the rules, remember it might be the Bird, on my way to help someone…..

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