Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Reporting back

…yes, we’re back from our neighbours, with a plan, and we’ll see how that goes. We left crack o’ dawn on saturday and arrived at the clinic. As we approached I was astounded by the very visceral reaction I had, I had tummy cramps, felt nauseous, and as we walked into the clinic I was almost hyperventilating. It took a lot of positive reinforcement to calm myself down, and this was me ‘at peace’ about our situation, I mean nothing was going to happen that day, we were just talking. Those scars obviously run deep… Anyway, we met Dr DB, and after a discussion and a scan, the plan has been laid out – we will supress this week, and start stimulating early next month, and hopefully grow some eggs and make some embryos mid february. Left the games begin! I cannot say I am looking forward to being suppressed in this weather, february in our neck of the woods is extremely hot and humid, the thought of hot flushes…. Thank heavens for air con!

After our meeting with him, we had tea with an old school friend of mine, gave my goddaughter a cuddle, and then headed to lunch with a newer friend, another OBGYN, who I am hoping to be able to convince to move to my neck of the woods. He’s a great bloke, and I think I would work well with him, so here’s hoping that my picture painting will produce some interest, and he’ll come and check it out. We had a great lunch together at our favourite cafe in the neighbouring city, and after that it was home to relax and then a lovely casual supper with Angel. She was such a star, remembering we’re back on our health kick, she gave us cajun style grilled salmon (yum!) and some delicious salads, the boys got some potatoes too, and she rounded it off with some really yummy ‘slimmer’s choice’ sorbets – the stawberry one was lovely!

Sunday was really a non entity of a day, we relaxed, visited my parents and just recovered from a hectic saturday.

Yo know, my Charlie and Thandi are such stars. Charlie for getting me to the neighbours in one piece, doing his bit, holding my hand and just agreeing to be part of all this. It’s hard, and I think seeing me in some of those situations must be awful, so thanks, my love, you are my hero. I cannot wait to grow our family. And Thandi, she was a champ, slept quietly on the drive, smiled sweetly at all the relevant people, played nicely with my friend’s children ( well as nicely as a 7 and a half month can play) and still had a decent sleep that evening. Thank you, my baby girl, mom loves you, and can’t wait to make a brother or sister for you!

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  Renee wrote @

I really wish you the luck with this new plan! Prayers are with you and your family.

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