Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

breathing a sigh of relief

…and the weekend is over, I’m over the hump of my 2 weeks on call, with a hairdresser appointment to look forward to on friday, yay!The weekend on call wasn’t too bad, but I felt a bit off yesterday, and didn’t manage to achieve much other than lying on the bed and couch. I did cook up some meals for Thandi though, it’s so pleasing to me to see pots of healthy home cooked food in the freezer for my girl. I made chicken and veg, a courgette and potato gratin, some butternut and sweet potato and some fruit puree. Here’s hoping she likes it all. The chicken seemed to go down well yesterday. the girl is growing in leaps and bounds, we are crawling with skill now, even negotiating the ridiculous dresses her mom puts her in. And we are standing up against the furniture and starting to cruise. Mom and Dad are quaking in their boots. But in love anyway!

I must say I am starting to feel rather nervous about our appointment with Dr DB on saturday, I’m still awaiting one of the critical results, and a lot of what we plan will be based on that, I should get them today or tomorrow, so I wonder if the vague nausea I am feeling is because of that. Oh well.

Today is Don’s birthday, Happy day, my bestie! Hope you have a lekka day, wish I was there to share a piece of cake with you!

Anyway peeps, its monday, and after a rather no news kinda post, I’m signing off until tomorrow!

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