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One step at a time

…so the meeting with the personal trainer went well yesterday. We have made plans for 2-3 sessions a week, with me filling in gaps where I can, aiming for at least 5 sessions a week in total. And I gave him permission to be mean to me. We’ve trained together for 6 years, with an hiatus last year while I got pregnant, broke my arm and had Thandi, so its easy for me to slip into a more casual relationship with him, but I need him to be strict and accountable, so I take it more seriously. Saying that, he didn’t let me get out of something yesterday, and despite me saying I was tired and the cut on my foot really sore, he kinda insisted I go for a run, and I am kinda glad that I did. I even suprised myself and ran for 20 min, at a slow pace, but 20 minutes nonetheless, working up a bit of a sweat and all. I chatted a bit to him about dietary issues, and as he said, I know what I have to do to loose weight, I just have to get some self control and discipline going, and he’s right. So the madness has ended, healthy and sensible choices here we come. No more buggering arojund. 20 kays to go… delicious grilled fish and fresh crunchy salad for supper last night.

And with every step on the treadmill, Thandi’s name echoed through my brain (because its empty now, you know, so things echo in there) and she is my motivation here, she needs a healthy mom, and she needs a sibling, and for both of those, I need to trim right down. Good enough reason I think.


  Jacqui wrote @

You can doooo eeeet, babe!!

  ems mommy wrote @

Well done on startimg and ur determination

  the aunty formerly known as donz wrote @

very good reasons babe. I’m with you too, back on the wagon from today (with a scheduled fall off the wagon tomorrow!!)
Fish and crunchy salad sound delish.
At least at this time of year it’s actually a relief to eat salads. So hot. I’m melting 🙂

  Wine Drinker wrote @

I love my PT. Well not really he is so not my type!! But he is great at his job. Been doing alot about diet as well. We think we are good eaters, but infact we know very little about it.. Lost 1,8kg last week so beaming today!!
Thanks for the chat babe, made me realise that I’m not completely out of my mind!!

  drhf wrote @

Why did that change my name!!

  charliesbird wrote @

not sure, but I like!

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