Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Goal setting

So it’s all very well talking about my goals and ambitions for 2012, but let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of getting those things going.

Making a sibling for Thandi is always going to be a dream that we will, with help from another miracle, hopefully achieve. I have recently weaned Thandi, and am no longer expressing or breastfeeding (insert sad face here), so I took myself off to the lab, and did all my blood tests. According to Dr DB, my levels aren’t great (as anticipated), but we are going to go and meet with him next weekend and talk through a plan. So maybe, just maybe, we will again experience that miracle. I was so torn about it all until recently, not wanting to stop feeding, because she was just doing so well on breastmilk; worried that I’d be stopping to try again, and it’d be for nothing; worried about how I would cope with another baby, how Thandi would cope with a sibling; just worried! And one evening, as I stood watching her in her cot, sleeping peacefully, I knew I had to do this again, for her, to give her the chance at a sibling. I am so in love with this little girl, I would do anything for her…

Getting another associate for our practice is turning into such a mission, we so desperately need someone, and while there are some options, none might work out, and then we are stuck continuing in this awful cycle of more work than we need or can cope with…

Loosing weight…ugh…it’s a never ending battle. Charlie and I have started eating with more restraint, and I am meeting my personal trainer again to set up times and that for the gym. I did hit the road on tuesday evening – leaden legs and firey lungs evidenced just how far I will have to go to get fit again… I am also considering seeing a dietician to sort out an eating plan, with some accountability weigh ins. But I will see first how I go. I do actually know what I need to do to loose weight, having done it before, eat less (carb’s and crap), move more (like every day, some kind of activity) So one day at a time.

For the rest – winning the lotto, health and wealth, world peace – a girl can dream, can’t she?


  countesskaz wrote @

I think the first priority here is getting another associate, to free yourself up a bit. It will happen. These thngs happen in their own time.

i-pheww…I get exhausted just reading your goals. Such a lot to chew.
I look forward to reading your end of the year posts and smiling as I see how much of the above you have completed… Such an exciting year to look forward too. and…who knows another baby to buy gifts for next christmas?

  Renee wrote @

Good Luck with all your goals. And may your dream come true.

  d & w wrote @

always be sure what you wish for is what you really want because wishes and miracles are happening around us all the time. dreams can become the reality !!

  ems mommy wrote @

You know we hoping and praying with u

  the aunty formerly known as donz wrote @

with you every step of the way…

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