Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Christmas is coming!

…and the geese are getting fat, please put a penny in the old man’s hat!

Ok, I have to admit, the excitement of Christmas has arrived. It was a good weekend, restful, peaceful, succesful, just lovely!

Thursday night saw us at the office party, which was actually very pleasant indeed. On the menu was a warm Caprese Salad, Prawn Vindaloo and Turkish delight ice cream – washed down with Raka Biography Shiraz, all very delicious! Home for an early night, and then a friday of chores, but actually quite pleasurable chores, groceries, and then some preparation for saturday’s planned chocolate making. After 2 failed attempts, I finally got a praline right, which got ground up into a praline paste, almost like peanut butter on steroids – seriously yum! I also made  a delicious mint cream and vanilla creme fraiche filling. Then it was onto supper, a 3.5kg chicken (!) got roasted for supper, with all the trimmings, which we shared with Angel and her family. A lovley casual evening, with friends, just what everyone needs on a friday night!

Saturday we chocolatiered! The mighty Don is in town, so she joined us (that is me and the neighbours), with her piping expertise – what a legend she is! It was super special catching up with her, celebrating our friendship. Wow, I thought our plans for the chocolates were ambitious, but I thought we’d be busy for a couple of hours, maybe 4, when 8 hours rolled by, and I couldn’t take the thought of anything sweet passing my lips, I couldn’t quite believe it. But what a success! A few false starts, but once we got going, all went exceptionally well! Our production line produced about 420 choccies or so, so lots of time, energy and effort, and all worth it!

Sunday was a casual relaxed day, I got into some baking (for fun, you know!), some choc chip cookies, and some christmas biscuits got produced, and we just chilled around the house. We finally watched the last episode in the Harry Potter story, and did enjoy it, those filmmakers had a blast! And then it was an early night all round, for today I work! (pictures will follow tomorrow!)

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