Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Let the crazies begin

…the world really does go a bit crazy at this time of the year! Parties, presents, socializing, eating… too much of it all!

Tonight is our annual staff party, I am in charge of the staff gifts, and have discovered that I am 1 gift short… hmm… Back to the shops for me, bugger! This year though, I am off the hook for the decor of the event, yay, one less thing to worry about. Should be a nice evening, and an interesting meal, we’re heading to the new incarnation of the old Burning Budgie, which when we last ate there was awful, completely not up to the usual standard. We were quite embarrassed, having taken some out of town friends there for a lunch, the husband of the couple being a restaurateur himself. My ‘beer battered fish’, was decidedly over grilled with no basting/flavour/sauce or even decor on the plate other than a few limp and dry oven chips, and that should have been an easy one, grilled with a touch of olive oil, some herbs, and bob’s your aunty… So tonight we will see if it was a one off, or a recurrent problem, and then we’ll forget all about it.

And now I must work!

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